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Direct marketing solutions

PiiMega implements Magento-based, search engine optimized, user friendly web pages and web stores with its strong expertise, ensuring excellent visibility on different search engineers.

Search Engine Optimization

Visibility on search engines is important for the internet success of a company. PiiMega has especially strong knowledge of search engine optimization, both technically and contextually. We assess the current situation, analyse keywords and follow up results. Search engine optimization is a long process. At the very beginning, clear goals are defined for the search engine optimization, and they are targeted to be suitable for the company. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a continuous process, which should not be left at its early stage.


We instruct and teach our customers to follow and analyse different forms of visitor data in their web pages. The reports indicate what areas should receive more effort.

E-mail Marketing

MailChimp s one of the most popular e-mail marketing systems in the world. MailChimp is very easy to use: it contains ingenious automatic functions and brilliant real-time reporting support.

You can create and send messages easily by yourself, which makes it very cost-effective. You create impressive and stylish newsletters, and the introduction to its use is really fast.

Social Media

The Magento web store and web pages are compatible with all social media services. Marketing in social media is cost-effective and visible. We are glad to help you in social media marketing. For example, during web store campaigns it is a good idea to get more visibility via social media marketing. We also have an additional module for Magento, which allows you to follow buyers who came from Facebook.