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MailChimp newsletter system

Newsletters provide a company with an opportunity to increase sales. Newsletters are a relatively low-cost marketing method when compared to others. They also serve as a means for building confidence between the consumer and the seller. A targeted newsletter makes it possible to show a seller's expertise and allows the company to be kept in mind. MailChimp is the market leader in newsletter systems. PiiMega Oy is the official partner of MailChimp in Finland. The MailChimp newsletter system has over three million users around the world.

PiiMegan kautta mailchimp uutiskirjejärjestelmä

The MailChimp newsletter system allows the development of targeted marketing according to customer purchases. The system gives information about who has made purchases in the web store based on the newsletter. By further analysing the purchases, the customers may be segmented, and marketing may be targeted to better meet the customer's preferences. For example, a person purchasing only women's clothes will be sent advertisements about women's clothes since it is more likely they will be bought instead of men's clothes..

The integration between Magento and MailChimp is ready-made and can be directly taken into use. No special costly integration is needed, as the integration is included in the price. MailChimp shows accurate reports on the efficiency of the newsletter (such as openings, clicks, availability of messages).