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SMS Gateway

Would you like to send an SMS associated with the confirmation of an order? Or contact the customers with SMS?

With the SMS Gateway service provided by PiiMega, it is possible to send an SMS to the customer, and it is even made easy. The service is available both in Magento web store and PiiMega® Total ERP systems.

When compared to e-mail, the benefit of the system is better reachability. It is also possible to show the company's name as a sender, instead of the number. The service is two-way media: it is also possible to receive messages from the customer. SMS Gateway service is fully automatized and integrated to the Magento operations. Using this service you save much time and trouble since there is no need to send the message separately to each receiver.

The receiver of the message sees, instead of a phone number, the name of your company, so it is easy for the customer to recognize which order/company the message is connected to. Growth is gained both in the added value experienced by the user and the visibility of the company. It is also possible to associate a tracking code to the message, which allows the customer to pick up a packet from the national post or bus courier service office.

Pros of the SMS Gateway

  • High reachability of the message
  • Personalization of the message sender
  • Two-way message passing
  • Direct integration to Magento and PiiMega® Total
  • Simplicity