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PiiMega® Total Commerce

The most modern overall retail solution

PiiMega® Total Commerce is a total retail solution. The system is designed to meet the needs of modern retail organizations, where transactions take place both in stand-alone stores and in web stores. PiiMega® Total Commerce is a lightweight ERP solution with its Magento e-commerce interface.

A retail ERP system guarantees that the balances are accurate both in the ERP and in the web store. The system processes sales events from both the store and the web shop. Maintenance of product data is made easy and sure. When new products are introduced, they can be reliably transferred between the systems.

The logistics features on the PiiMega® Total Commerce retail system are first in their class. With the integration with the systems of the national post service, the address coupons for the packets can be printed directly. Collection, packing and sending functions are implemented so that they make the delivery of packages easier.

The cash system has been designed considering both a web shop and a stand-alone store. For example, the same gift certificate may be used in either shop. Also, customer loyalty related functions are implemented considering both the stand alone store and the web store.

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