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PiiMega® Total CRM

Customer management

CRM, Customer Relations Management, helps the company to maintain customer information and lead the customer relations important to the company. When using the customer relations management tools all the customer-related data is stored in a single system instead of having them in separate files or databases. For example, documentation of an offer and images may be attached to the offer in the PiiMega® Total CRM.

PiiMega® Total CRM customer management system makes managing customer contacts and current customers much easier. Merchandising and post-marketing achieve new heights when using PiiMega customer relations management.

PiiMega® Total CRM contains customer contact information and customer register. Management of the entire volume of customer data is easy and systematic. Additional information can be added for each customer, customers may be sorted for responsible persons by area, and remainders related to customers may be included in the calendar. Is it be possible to make CRM any easier?

Web based user interface allows PiiMega® Total CRM to be used anywhere. With an internet connection, customer data may be immediately entered into the system. PiiMega® Total CRM is used by direct sales companies, for example, and there exist ready-made packages for them. Sending a bulk message may be done quickly and easily with PiiMega® Total CRM.

PiiMega® Total CRM provides you better customer management and saves you time!

PiiMega Total CRM