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PiiMega® Scheduling

Piimega® Respa scheduling application allows you to enhance the operations of log receiving by reducing truck queues. You can guarantee smooth use of your reception and avoid unnecessary unloading on the field.

Piimega® Respa system allows you to define your reception points with its weekly open times and break periods. You may suggest free times to the transportation service provider or you may allow the service providers themselves to make appointments. This service provides you with information about incoming material flows and precise reports on the arrivals of trucks and possible delays in arriving.

The layout and functionality of the calendar is easy to modify and also modifying its content is easy. This service also has an advertising board function for electronic communication, and an opportunity to set deadlines for the reservations, which allow unconfirmed times to be automatically released for the use of other transportation service providers.

Taking Piimega® Respa into use does not require any installations, training or additional hardware investments. It is easy to use and easy to modify.

  • Smooth loading of the reception - better capacity, smoother run.
  • No extra queuing costs.
  • For the sawmill production planners a view of the incoming raw material flow.
  • No installations or need for training.