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Magento Web Store Solutions

We implement a complete e-commerce solution for the needs of any company. In our e-commerce implementations, we use the Magento Community, the Magento Enterprise or the Magento Enterprise Premium systems.

Magento what...?


Magento what...?


Magento is originally an American product, eBay being the main owner. In addition, Magento is currently the most popular e-commercial platform (Source: Alexa 2013). Magento is an open-source system, which guarantees the merchant is independent of the software house. With this, you can ensure that you are independent of any software house, and you always own the store and its source code.

Magento is implemented using the PHP programming language, which allows very good scalability and good support within the different platforms. For example, the world's greatest social service, Facebook, is programmed using PHP.

What does 'open source' mean?

Open source means software the source code of which may be inspected by anybody. This allows one to ensure that the software does not collect any additional information about its users, for example. In addition, there are new features available for open source software as modules, which allow new functionality to be added to an open source web store at a very comparable price

Open source Magento

Is Magento safe?

Since it is an open source application, the Magento system is a very safe system. Magento Enterprise and Enterprise premium also fulfil the highly valued PCI standard, required by the credit card companies, which even allows the storing of credit card data.

Payment methods and currencies

Magento supports every payment method and operator available on the market. Available payment options are not limited to Finnish payment methods. With Magento's high-quality payment and currency support, it is possible to receive payments from a wider area.


Magento allows you to provide product delivery to your customers at any location in the world. Ready-made integrations with the systems of different logistics system providers enable fast and high-quality deliveries from the web store.

Additional modules

Additional functionalities may be added to the Magento web store by using different modules and additional parts. Modules allow, for example, better usability, additional purchasing conversions and integration with other systems.