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Supply of Devices and Services

PiiMega service selection contains comprehensive management of a company's ICT solutions starting from hardware deliveries to demanding consulting tasks.

Equipment deliveries

PiiMega also delivers equipment for the needs of your company. We can provide all the devices needed by your company, such as workstations, laptops, and printers. We install the hardware ready for use. If required, all the user has to do is sit down at the workstation, change the password and start working. We also provide wide-coverage deployment training. The powerful professionals of PiiMega help and support you during system use.

Networking devices and solutions include firewalls, enterprise networks, and wireless networks. We build entrepreneurial networks and create functional systems for a company's internal communication.

HP is an official partner of PiiMega. HP products can be obtained from us at a lower price.

Device Services

We have signed a device lease contract with Siemens.

PiiMega Oy and Siemens have signed a device lease contract. For a company, leasing is a good option since the lease fee is tax deductible. The company will always receive modern, up-to-date hardware. One of the benefits of a lease contract is the distribution of the costs for the duration of the whole leasing period, making budgeting easier. The leasing contract is made according to the needs of the company, and the company pays the agreed sum for the right to use the devices. When the lease contract is terminated, the company has the right to purchase the devices at an affordable price, or it may return them.

Installation and Deployment Services

Not everyone needs to know everything. We at PiiMega provide support for installation and deployment phases. We may provide machines and devices ready installed, with the required training..

We provide services to make the everyday operation of a company easier. We supply the devices and software ready for use. When our experts install the system for operations, you may trust their work. Each part is fully installed and configured to operate with the others. Our services do not stop at the commissioning phase, but updates are also included in our range.