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Tailored Services

PiiMega can provide versatile solutions for meeting the needs of a company. Our range contains systems, devices and a wide range of services. Thanks to our wide knowledge, we may create a solution to meet just the needs of Your company.

Long-term experience on systems and integration has given the PiiMega personnel a wide area expertise. Ready-made software components are available for you, but we also have the enthusiasm and the desire to be involved in developing new ones. Do you have an idea? Please, sit down and let's talk about it!

PiiMega has top-level knowledge on Magento. Our professionals have been developing some of the first Magento web stores in Finland. Our knowledge allows us to provide new dimensions to the e-commerce, with different counters, for example.

Are you having problems with hardware solutions? When outsourcing the task to PiiMega all the entrepreneur needs to do is to define the conditions for hardware purchases. After that, we may offer the machines ready installed. PiiMega makes it possible to receive devices, installations, servers and other data center services together with 24h support.

We will create a complete solution just to meet the needs of your company. In co-operation, we will find the best solutions.

Does this make you interested? Please, contact us; we will create the solution that is just right for you!


Everything is possible!